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When you have been in business in this industry as long as we have, it is easy to spot a scam. Since the inception of this industry, entrepreneurs have tried every possible angle to separate both consumers and industry businesses from their money. From affiliate programs, brokers, and firms acting as intermediary between your business and a service provider; to "shell" companies pretending to be a back end service provider in order to control your revenue stream. You have to be VERY careful when choosing a back-end service provider, or any other service provider for that matter. At the end of the day, YOU are liable for your clients. We quite literally know every player in the space. You may be truly sold on your contact's ability to provide you what you need, but it matters very little if 2 years down the road that contact packs up shop and vanishes with your money and client base. We won't recommend you a single service provider that we haven't met eyeball to eyeball. The partners you choose should have viable infrastructure, searchable corporate information, and satisfactory quantity and quality of staff to fulfill the service. They should also have verifiable expertise and experience in their field. Call us before you make a move and we will connect you to the best (and most trusted) resources available.

NDCC Certification is the most robust and challenging certification program for agents operating in this space. The certification exam is a 110 question, randomized, timed exam and will ensure that every agent that passes is thoroughly educated in all areas of debt settlement compliance, sales practices and protocols. This is not an area of your business you want to gamble with. Your front-line is your primary liability. Demonstrate excellence, compliance and power with NDCCC. Call us to learn more.


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  • Tax Resolution Back-End
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  • Software Providers
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  • Specialty Resource Providers
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