National Debt Consultant Compliance Certification System

MSTARS has been the leader in compliance and consultant training for nearly 10 years. Working closely with industry trade associations, leading attorneys in the space and relying on information from state and federal regulators, MSTARS has created the benchmark for compliance certification. Many leading firms, despite their in-house training protocols, have been subject to federal lawsuits based on violations of section 5 of the FTC act. With the creation of the CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) and the expansion of UDAAP Laws (Unfair, Deceptive, Abusive, Acts and Practices), you can not afford a single mistake.

MSTARS realizes the need for high quality training resources and strives to deliver outstanding training curriculum in the most streamlined fashion possible. In an effort to ensure that the results match the service offerings, we have developed and deployed the most effective compliance certification available in the US and abroad. Our NDCC Certification program will ensure that the front-line agents are taught proper consulting protocols, and that their education can be deployed on the ground level. Once an agent has completed the training program (60+ hours), they will be rigorously tested through our automated exam proctoring system.

ALL agents MUST complete the preliminary testing with 100% accuracy. Agents that pass this gauntlet may apply for the NDCC Certification. Once the agent has submitted their application, test results and a written recommendation, they will take the 40 Minute Timed 1,110 point Exam. Agents that score 95%+ on the exam are then scheduled for a compliance audit by one of our MSTARS Compliance Auditors. This phone interview is recorded and delivered to your firm for their employee file. A passing audit will allow them the esteemed NDCC Certification. Contact us for more information on this certification system and lean how it can help you provide 3rd party documentation demonstrating compliance to CFPB UDAAP Standards.

Why Choose NDCCC:

  • FTC Section 5 Compliant
  • FTC TSR Provision Compliant
  • Supports Attorney or Traditional Model
  • Exceeds CFPB UDAAP Requirements
  • Thorough Training Curriculum
  • Rigorous Testing Protocols
  • Provides 3rd Party Compliance
  • Demonstrates Compliance



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