MSTARS Debt Relief Master Class

inn-o-vate: verb; To introduce something new from something established. To improve, change or enhance the overall performance of a thing of substance by introducing new characteristics. Dramatically improving upon an idea by introducing new concepts.

INNOV8: The MSTARS complete system overhaul

The MSTARS INNOV8 program is a 2 day, 8 session, live transformation of your business enterprise. Our INNOV8 program is an exclusive, private, 2 day master class that provides a live, total system transformation through extensive training within the 4 pillars of your organization. Compliance is paramount to survival in this vertical, but equally as important to your survival is your cross-departmental performance metrics. The INNOV8 program consists of 2 days of hands on training in each of 4 specific areas of your enterprise. We will assist you in designing, building, deploying and measuring your compliance and performance protocols in each area. The following sessions are designed to improve each of the 4 most important areas of your business.


Owners, Board Members and Senior Staff
Creating and promoting vision in your organization, shining light on each area of your business, exposing weaknesses, identifying risks and isolating compliance deficiencies.


Owners, Board Members and Senior Staff
The art of speed. Building and maintaining momentum within your business. Measuring performance and compliance at warp speed. Actionable items, defining productivity vs. activity, creating energy and getting your operation firing on all cylinders.


Sales Managers, Floor Supervisors and Trainers
Inspiring your team, mastering repetition, managing compliance and performance in real time, creating evidence of real-time compliance while motivating your team to reach new heights of performance and skill.


Sales Managers, Floor Supervisors and Trainers
Creating performance, pushing the limits of your team, maximizing your opportunities, increasing your closing percentages, increasing retention rates, maximizing your marketing through your team, utilizing your manpower, identifying your strengths, limiting your weaknesses.


Client Care/Relations, Customer Service Staff, Retention Team
Maximizing your client relationship success, dealing with troubled accounts, increasing retention rates, developing successful retention techniques, mitigating compliance risks, customer service best practices


Client Care/Relations, Customer Service Staff, Retention Team
How to "WOW" your customers with incredible service, the often overlooked, yet simple ways to solidify a client relationship, strengthening your brand through powerful customer service and support, the importance of excellence in client care, retention techniques, cancel saves, providing air support to the team.


Senior Sales Staff, Experienced Consultants, Sales Leaders
Creating compliance excellence on the front-line, measuring your sales compliance, overcoming obstacles in the presentation before they become problems, accountability, being a sales compliance leader, setting the bar, assisting in the compliance vision, front-line watch dog.


Senior Sales Staff, Experienced Consultants, Sales Leaders
Good companies need an edge to outperform the illegitimate firms competing for consumers. We teach you how to swim with the sharks and win! Compliance is easy when you know exactly what your doing. Plain and simple, we teach you how to dominate your competition, increase your closing percentages, master your presentation, handle adverse scenarios with ease, advance your communication skills, relationship building, better qualifying, introduction techniques, advanced analogies and consulting, improving your personal best, beat your own records and drive your personal SPR.

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  • 4 Sessions Each Day
  • Day 1 Morning: ILLUMIN8
  • Day 1 Morning: ACCELER8
  • Day 1 Afternoon: MOTIV8
  • Day 1 Afternoon: ACTIV8
  • Day 2 Morning: INITIA8
  • Day 2 Morning: CAPTIV8
  • Day 2 Afternoon: MITIG8
  • Day 2 Afternoon: DOMIN8
  • Complete Compliance Checkup
  • Compliance Certificates Provided
  • Q and A Sessions
  • Private Mastermind Sessions
  • Plan, Prepare and INNOV8!

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