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MSTARS Elite Training Academy Classes:

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Debt Relief Required Compliance Class (Certificate Granted)

  1. CFPB Compliance Class (Senior Staff, Board Members Required)

"Student Loan Relief Warnings" Model Transition Workshop
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  1. SLDR Transition Workshop Part 1
  2. SLDR Transition Workshop Part 2
  3. SLDR Transition Workshop Part 3
  4. SLDR Transition Workshop Part 4
  5. SLDR Transition Workshop Part 5

Direct Sales Agent Training

  1. Direct Sales Agent Training
  2. Direct Sales Agent Workbook
  3. Direct Sales Agent Certification Exam

Student Loan Relief Compliant Sales Training (Sales Agents)

  1. SLDR Compliant Sales Training Class

    Debt Settlement Training Classes:

    1. Basic Agent Training Module 1
    2. Basic Agent Training Module 2
    3. Basic Agent Training Module 3
    4. Basic Agent Training Module 4
    5. Basic Agent Training Module 5
    6. Basic Agent Training Module 6
    7. Basic Agent Training Test
    1. Compliance Training Module 1
    2. Compliance Training Module 2
    3. Compliance Training Module 3
    4. Compliance Training Module 4
    5. Compliance Training Module 5
    6. Compliance Training Test
    1. Advanced Sales Consultant Module 1
    2. Advanced Sales Consultant Module 2
    3. Advanced Sales Consultant Module 3
    4. Advanced Sales Consultant Module 4
    5. Advanced Sales Consultant Module 5
    6. NDCC Certification FINAL EXAM

    Special Sessions (Recorded Workshops for Advanced Agents)

    1. 20 Mandatory Disclosures Training Session
    2. Advanced Consultant Workshop Day 1
    3. Advanced Consultant Workshop Day 2
    4. Advanced Consultant Workshop Day 3

    Total Compliance Sessions (Senior Staff and Management Level)

    1. UDAAP Introductory Training Session (Live Recorded Workshop)
    2. UDAAP Advanced Compliance Training Session Day 1 (Live Recorded Workshop)
    3. UDAAP Advanced Compliance Training Session Day 2 (Live Recorded Workshop)
    4. FTC Section 5 Tactical Training Workshop (Live Recorded Workshop)
    5. Industry Update (2013 Recorded Short Session)

    Pillars of Excellence Special ELITE Training Sessions

    1. Elite Agent Training Session
    2. Elite Customer Service Excellence Training Session
    3. Elite Management Training Session
    4. Elite C-Level Training Session



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      Read This Integration Guide!

      The following Integration Guide will show you how to integrate the MSTARS Compliance Training Program into your operation. READ THIS FIRST.

      Other Helpful Documents:

      1. CFPB Examination Manual V2
      2. FTC General Compliance Docs
      3. 20 Mandatory Disclosures (DS)
      4. MSTARS UDAAP Checklist



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