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Welcome to the site. MSTARS Training EXCEEDS The FTC TSR Amendment Provisions, Section 5 and CFPB UDAAP Requirements for Compliance. Whether you operate an Attorney Assisted Model or a Traditional Negotiations Service, you NEED to know the rules and how to limit your liabilities from all sides. With robust training philosophies, compliance and performance expertise, MSTARS has been the "Golden Bullet" for many of the most elite teams operating in the space. With the CFPB and FTC working cooperatively to engage companies they feel are misleading or harming consumers, it is critical that you have the tools necessary to survive in this arena. There can be no mistakes. MSTARS Virtual Training Platform delivers over 50 hours of robust, thorough, on-demand training developed in the field by industry experts who know how to get results. We can bring your team to a whole new level of proficiency, power and compliance. Call us today and experience the MSTARS advantage. **LEARN MORE ABOUT MSTARS**  **READ RECOMMENDATIONS** ** DOWNLOAD THE CFPB'S LATEST SUPERVISION MANUAL V2**

MSTARS Offers:

  • Business Consulting
  • Business Model Buildout
  • Debt Relief, Direct Sales, Financial Services, Consumer Services Sectors
  • Strategy and Leadership Training and Consulting
  • Marketing Performance and Compliance Training and Consulting
  • FTC and CFPB Compliance Training
  • Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Excellence Consulting
  • Sales Performance Training Systems and MSTARS Elite Training Academy
  • NDCC Certifications (National Debt Consultant Compliance Certification)
  • Advanced Testing and Auditing
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